Friday, October 31, 2014

Brands as symbols: they play the game well

One of the coolest things about brands is how they serve as symbolic devices.  This is nothing new and it makes intuitive sense.  If you see a guy driving around on a Harley, you'll likely connect the dots that he has a little bit of "freedom" and "rebellion" and in him.  See a girl wearing Lululemon tights, you'll likely assume she is into health and exercise, and is seeking some balance in life.
Lulu's and Harleys
A lot of research has been done on this topic and authors like John Quelch have written very eloquently on how some brands (e.g. McDonald's and Coke) even serve as globalization/Americana symbols on the geo-political stage.   Combatting Coke and Pepsi's Americana is actually the raison d'etre of French-based competitor Mecca Cola.
Mecca Cola                              Coke                            Pepsi

Several years ago, a buddy of mine told me the story of the symbolism of 3 car brands. Since I couldn't find this story anywhere on the net, I decided to post it here so that it can immortalized on the Net- or at least on the MackalskionMarketing blog!

BMW- "I play the game well."

Mercedes - "I've mastered the game."

Rolls Royce- "I've made the rules of the game."

           "I play the game well"  - "I've mastered the game" -  "I made the rules of the game"

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  1. I rememember you telling our class this story. Thanks for sharing it again!