Sunday, September 8, 2013

2 Months to Halloween- I think I'll buy a Costco Christmas Tree

Ever wanted to know which retailer kicks off the Christmas shopping season first?

I might have the answer here.

On a trip to Costco Saturday, September 7th, the following was out on display:

Costco Christmas trees- 109 days before Christmas

That's about 5 weeks before Thanksgiving (Canada), 2 months before Halloween, and 109 days before Christmas.

I asked a  parent who saw me snapping a picture of the Christmas aisle  what she thought of the display. She summed up it up this way,

"I don't like it when retailers push seasons on to me so early...Call me old fashioned but Christmas belongs in December and Valentine's Day belongs in February. Displays like this blasé‎ my special season shopping experience. I wish these marketing guys could understand that... I am still buying back-to-school stuff."

We wished each other a Merry Christmas to each other at Costco at the start of September.

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