Saturday, December 4, 2010


Just a quick follow-up on a recent post. Bieber's Baby video crossed over 400,000,000 views this week. His tally grows at around 1,000,000 views a day. I`m not sure if I should congratulate the Canadian munchkin - or cancel my hope for a better future for the world - but this is the most viewed video online. It's a pretty good bet that his career has peeked and its all downhill after 16...


  1. Lol, I would cancel my hope for a better future for the world, I guess. Anyway, people brings people and, the video seems still to be epidemic if you look at the YouTube's evolution graph. However, take a look at this stat:

    Likes: 408274
    Dislikes: 693729


  2. hahaha! The question is did you like or dislike the video JF? LOL Also, those "likes" seem to be consistent with Bieber's ratings on BrandMojo...