Friday, February 19, 2010

Steve Nash Is The Most Ridiculous Man In The World

A while back I shared a few thoughts on Dos Equis campaign: The Most Interesting Man in the World. Well, you know an ad strikes a chord when it gets parodied. Usually this parodying occurs on a show like SNL or amateurs making clips for You Tube. But what is unusual about the parody of the Most Interesting Man in the World is that the parody is done by another brand: Vitamin Water. I'm not quite sure what Vitamin Water is trying to communicate (and if I am representative of the target market, that is not a good sign) in the ad, but given the presence of celebrity endorser Steve Nash, there's a good chance that the parody cost more than the original.


  1. Fun blogs Bob. Now that I am in advertising I use all the stuff that you taught us in brand class. I'm guessing the brief on this related to constructing a brand personality but the values of the brand are not clear here to me either.

  2. What I think is interesting is that the youtube ads were to promote a Facebook campaign which allowed you to create your own flavour of Vitamin water. Targeting the social-networking-viral-video era by promoting entirely on youtube and Facebook?