Monday, October 7, 2013

The difference between sales and marketing

After a leading a "why you probably need more marketing" workshop last week, I had a chat with one of the CEOs in attendance. His company has been pretty successful driving sales using only sales people. He asked me why anyone in his position should push a marketing agenda for sales beyond sales force efforts.

I responded that sales force and marketing should have an intimate, special relationship. When done right, marketing should generate sales leads, accelerate sales closings, lower the cost of consumer acquisition (CCA), and improve key ratios like CCA:LTV (life time value of a customer).

That's the rational argument. He liked it.

But he loved this:

If you're a singer and you fill the seats in the stadium, you've done a good job at selling.

If you're a singer and you've got a sold-out stadium of fans wanting a piece of you, that's marketing!

You've been marketed when...

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