Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Brand Mojo Unveils Canada's Most Loved and Hated Brands of 2013

MONTREAL, QUEBEC— December 17, 2013
BrandMojo, the not-for-profit, real-time brand rating site that tracks the most loved and hated brands, today announced Canada's most loved and hated brands for 2013. 
Canada’s most loved brand of 2013 is YouTube.  YouTube replaces Google, which had been Canada’s most loved brand ever since BrandMojo started tracking brands back in 2009.
The top 10 rankings of the most loved corporate brands in Canada by ratio of “lovers” to “haters” are:
#1   YouTube

#2   Lego
#3   Google
#4   Wikipedia
#5   Pixar
#6   National Geographic
#7   Disney
#8   Mercedes
#9   Lindt
#10 Haagen Dazs

The most loved brands tend to belong to one of three categories: (i) No-charge Internet services (YouTube, Google, Wikipedia); (ii) Kid-related brands (Lego, Pixar, Disney); and luxury brands (Mercedes, Lindt, Haagen Dazs). For the first time since BrandMojo started tracking brands, Apple slipped out of the top 10 most loved brands.
The top 3 most loved corporate Canadian brands in Canada by ratio of “lovers” to “haters” are Tim Horton's, Hockey Canada, and Canadian Tire.

The most hated brands continue to cluster around political party brands, tobacco brands, energy brands, and dating sites.  
The Brand Mojo lovers versus haters metric gives a real time reality check on the brand’s health. It enables all brands (corporate brands, non-profit brands, political brands, and celebrity brands) to be measured and ranked against each other. In this way BrandMojo has a unique capability to rank brands using a standardized measure so that comparisons among all brands are possible.  In Canada, more than 700 brands are measured and ranked. The 2013 results are based on over 120,000 ratings by more than 2,400 Canadian respondents over a 12 month period. 

Brands are rated at www.brandmojo.org. Real-time rankings of all brands can be seen at the BrandMojo leaderboard.  A video description of Canada’s most loved brands is available at on the BrandMojo channel at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YArNn4SB5cY.