Sunday, July 1, 2012

Canada's Most Loved Brands: Top 12 of 2012

To all my Canadian friends out there- Happy Canada Day!

I spent some time today looking over the 2012 BrandMojo data on Canada's most loved corporate brands. I thought that I would share the list of the top Top 12 most loved Canadian brands- by Canadians.  The list presented below includes about 48,000 ratings by Canadians over the first 6 months of 2012. (The results appearing below will vary from the actual BrandMojo site, which aggregates all ratings.)

Some of this year's Canada's most loved brands (which you could say are the best Canadian brands) you'll probably expect... others might surprise you! Here they are:

1. Tim Hortons
2. Cirque du Soleil
3. Lululemon
4. Canadian Tire/Dollarama
5. President's Choice/ Molson Canadian
6. Just for Laughs
7. Rona
8. TSN
9. Sleeman
10. Alexander Keith's
11. Zamboni
12. CBC

Some brief notes:

Tim Hortons and Cirque du Soleil seem to continuously battle for the most loved Canadian brand.  We see how Tim's and Cirque were neck-on-neck back in 2010. This year Tim's is freshly brewed in the #1 spot.

There has been a rapid ascent of Dollarama and President's Choice. One explanation could be that during relatively more uncertain economic conditions, more Canadians have appreciated (and love) brands offering great value.

Sleeman and Alexander Keith's  are also new to the Top 10.  One explanation is that both brands have recently spiked up their national advertising efforts with a lot of good advertising- and are being rewarded for it.

Alexander Keith's, Zamboni, and CBC  are virtually tied for the 10-12th positions.  Keith's, Zamboni, and CBC hold minutely higher average scores, scoring them in the top 12.

With new risers, there have to be droppers. Blackberry and RIM have plummeted in their ratio of lovers to haters- dropping these brands off the top 20 list. (Brand Mojo picked this up in 2010 already). BrandMojo's ratio of lovers to haters has proven to be a good indicator of brand equity rising and falling.


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