Monday, October 7, 2013

The Brand Tattoo Alphabet

I'm always curious what brands different people like and why.  A few summers ago I was standing in line at the water slides and saw a 20 something year old man with a giant tattoo of the Pillsbury Dough Boy on his back. I had to ask, "Why the Dough Boy ink?"  His response kind of caught me off guard.  "I love Pillsbury."  He didn't say that he loved the character- he said that he loved the brand.  So I started thinking- how common is it have people love brands so much they make permanent marks on their bodies?  To do this, I did some popular brand searches on Google.  It turns out, it is not uncommon for people to tattoo commercial brands on their bodies.  It is common enough for me to create the tattoo brand alphabet within 30 minutes. So here is the first tattoo brand alphabet on the internet. (Not sure if I should be proud of that!)

The brands that reappeared in the 30 minutes search:

A- Adobe, Apple. Tons of Apple brand tattoos. Apple may rival our entry at "H" for top spot.
B- BMW, Budweiser, Burger King.
C- Coca-Cola, Cherry Coke, Campbell's Soup, Coppertone, Corvette, Chanel, Cisco.
D- Disney and Dr. Pepper.
E- Ed Hardy, Eggo.  Eggo, who would have thought that?
F- Ford, Fender, Ferrari.
G- Google.
H- Harley Davidson. No surprise here given its cult status and target market.
I-  Ikea.  (Maybe you put it on yourself?)
J- Jack Daniels. These tend to be large tattoos. Joe Camel is still popular
K- Kool Aid (There really is a cult of the Kool-Aid man.)
L- Louis Vuitton.
M- Microsoft, Mustang.
N- Nike.
O- Olympics, Oakley and Oreo. Olympic rings are common among athletes, as expected.
P- Pillsbury Dough Boy, Playboy, Pepsi.
Q- Quaker.Somehow tattoos don't suit the clean-cut wholesome image of a company that got a good start with oatmeal.
R- Reese's and Red Bull.
S- Starbucks.
T- Tim Horton's, Triumph.
U- Umbra.
V- Verizon, Versace and Volkswagon.
W- Wikipedia, Wendy's and Wal-Mart.
X- X Box.  (I didn't find Xerox!)
Y- Yahoo.
Z- Zippo.

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